Stock Research Requests

Don’t waste time managing content sources. Our expert team of researchers will contact all relevant content owners. You will benefit from our long-term relationships with the world’s leading stock footage/photo libraries, yet to be discovered sources and every other content owner in our database.

On-line Stock Searching

Our team of Content Researchers have accounts at every major and minor stock source. They know who has the best content and how to navigate all of their websites. By managing the searching, downloading and uploading of the best selects to our Preview Suite, we save you time and resources by taking this process out of your equation.

Preview Suite

The selects will be uploaded onto our Preview Suite eliminating the need to log into multiple web sites. Consolidating all formats onto our site organized by source, subject or however you prefer, allows you to preview thumbnails, add notes, share information and download content from one single place.

Negotiations & Licensing

We will handle licensing fee negotiations for the selected content on your behalf or hand it over for you to negotiate directly. As an extension of your company, our team of savvy negotiators secure the BEST fees on your behalf, not what will give us a commission. Unlike some of our competitors who charge varying percentage markups on licensing and other fees, Six Degrees does not, giving you complete transparency.

Project Management

A Project Manager will be dedicated to you providing an on-line report that tracks our progress 24/7. Research progress, content selects, pricing, negotiation status, documents or any related items are posted for your review.

Post Production

Coordinators will organize and supervise all content for post production. Materials may be licensed from many sources worldwide requiring detailed coordination of all on-line delivery.

Business and Payment Services

As your partner, we organize and review all invoices, releases and agreements for consistent language and terms in collaboration with your business affairs, accounting and/or legal department. An on-line drive folder is provided with all documents related to your project. Payment services is an extended option if required for an additional fee.

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