There are three ways to engage our services.  Contact us for detailed proposals for any option . Why choose us?


Project by Project

Hire us at any stage of your project. Whether you need a contact, full-service rights and clearances, stock research or to ramp up with a team of experts for high volume clearances. Submit your project and we will provide a detailed proposal outlining our strategy and fee.

Fees are based on volume, degree of difficulty, your timeline and number of research specialists required.


Information Subscription

If you handle clearances internally but need assistance with finding and confirming proper contacts, we offer a monthly Information Subscription Service. This allows you either a fixed or unlimited number of requests during the month for us to share contacts from our internal database of sources. If we do not have the information, we will research and confirm the proper contact within 24 hours or less. In addition we supply all relevant information about the source with regard to fee estimates, restrictions or any other important data.

This fee is based on a fixed or unlimited subscription.


Full-Service Subscription

If you need to outsource all of your clearance needs we offer a monthly Full Service Subscription. We become your Rights & Clearances and Content team on an ongoing basis. You will have a dedicated Project Manager 24/7 to lean on for all aspects of clearances from concept review, fee estimates, strategy and negotiations.

This fee is based on estimated number of projects. 

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