On any given project there are always different degrees of research. We may be given many properties to clear from 6 to 600 or more. Some are easy to research and locate or we may already have the information in our vast database of sources. But in many cases the right contact for clearance may be elusive due to the degree of difficulty or the nature of the request. We google, tweet, post, email, search directories, trademarks and copyrights, make phone calls and even send faxes.  We do everything it takes to find the the proper contact who will listen, route and ultimately grant permission, approve an offer and sign an agreement.


After we find the proper rights holder, we share the project’s pertinent information that is carefully drafted to quickly and accurately explain the request. NDA’s, releases, media, boards, scripts, mock-ups and rough cut are all presented through the most efficient technology.


Our team of savvy negotiators will strategize with you on the best approach for the desired outcome based on your media, territory and term. We are completely transparent and do not charge a percentage markup on licensing fees. 


No project is successful if you can’t secure the materials to satisfy every department, which is why we are always working with that goal in mind. All necessary documents whether an agreement, release, W9, invoice or an email approval will be tracked, followed up on and delivered.


It takes a talented team of people that won’t take no for an answer, are resourceful, unrelenting and really smart. Our team is global, located in New York, Los Angeles, Colorado, the United Kingdom and Japan. And they do what they do better than anyone else.

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